Minted Drawing & Sketching Art Challenge 2016




graphite on paper


birch story


the 2nd place Winner

on Minted Drawing & Sketching Art Challenge



Editor's pick & Special Prize Award: Square Award

on Minted Drawing & Sketching Art Challenge

Series work for Minted x Pottery Barn Kids Wall Art challenge




Max.30x 30 in

 Sumi ink on watercolor paper




Day Dreaming


Editor's Pick

on Minted x Pottery Barn Kids Wall Art challenge



Featured on Soffa Magazine




35 x 12 in

graphite on paper



recent works


recent works


N.Y.C. based painter & illustrator



jinseikou is Jinhee Park's artist name.

Jinhee Park is 朴・ジンヒ and 박 진희 in Japanese and Korean, respectively.


Jinhee Park was born & raised in Seoul, S.Korea. Since 4th grade, she has seriously learned whole package of classic techniques from dessin to watercolor and oil painting under the traditional art curriculum. (and her tiger-mother who is running an art school.)


After graduation at Ewha Womans University with BFA in Korea, she chased the career path of a Japanese American media artist, John Maeda and ended up studying and researching about interactive Design & Art in University of Tsukuba, Japan . She used to work for a well-known video game company in Tokyo as a graphic designer. Eventually she spent a decade of her life in an exotic country, Japan.

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Since moved from Japan to the U.S. in 2011, Jinhee started new chapter of her life as a humble illustrator and painter. She jumped into the competitive freelance world, and then has helped early-stage startups build their brand identity from Logo to Web design. She has been trying to figure out the way of getting on the "(b)right" track to be an artist and also struggling to create unified, cohesive, coherent, related bodies of her art works.


Currently she is juggling with two brand identities, JINHEE and lady seikou under her artist name "jinseikou" .

(Note: jinseikou is originally from "人生コウだ" in Japanese.

It means "Life is like THIS".)